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NOISE! You just can’t avoid it can you? But the great news is that by accessing this website you’ll get access to valuable information to help you find the exact ear defender solution for you. Whether you’re considering ear defenders, ear muffs, ear headphones or ear plugs from Peltor, Radians or any other manufacturer you’ll find impartial advice at this site.

Noise is a major factor in both industrial and domestic settings. Years ago people subjected to excessive noise simply had to put up with it. And, sadly, later in life, face the consequences of exposure to excessive noise.

Well Not Any More!

Technology has delivered us all manner of solutions – earmuffs, ear headphones, earplugs or eardefenders - to excessive noise. Whether this be in the field of sport, such as motorcycing, or people who shoot. Or in industrial or domestic settings there is an ear protection solution for you.

Who Should Use Ear Defenders?

 Anybody exposed to a noisy environment. These people should wear ear defenders or ear muffs but they are highly recommended for people working in factories, oil rigs, laboratories, offices, the armed forces, all types of transportation, heavy plant and agriculture. People such as musicians and sportsmen will also benefit from ear defenders.

What Should You Look For in Hearing Protection?

Like most things in life, the answer is that it depends. It depends on the application you expect to expose the protection to. It depends on the other facial ‘furniture’ you have to wear – hats, safety glasses, helmets etc. But it has been said that whoever is wearing the protection should ideally be able to hear conversations, a telephone ring and hear the other person at the end of the ‘phone, be able to hear a radio and other essential sounds. Your ear defenders should allow this whilst still offering effective protection against the undesired sound.

Having a complete isolation to other sounds can be particularly undesirable. This is especially true for military applications. Not being able to hear mission critical noise could prove disastrous. 

For comfort it is always best for any ear defenders to be custom made from a soft grade material to allow hygienic comfort over long periods of time. They need to be vented to minimise the plugged up feeling or the sensation of isolation.

What hearing protection is available?

There are a plethora of options available on the market for hearing and ear protection. The choice will depend on the application you wish to use the ear or hearing protection for. For example to protect yourself from a heavily snoring partner a pair of ear defenders or earmuffs might provide the noise protection but might prove a little uncomfortable to sleep in!


Broadly, hearing protection can be broken down into earplugs that are filtered or unfiltered. A further subsection of this market is the custom made earplug. An earplug that is made just for your own individual ear.

Earplugs are particularly useful solution when a crash helmet has to be worn, or, when the wearing of the more bulky earmuff or ear defender is not possible. For example musicians or sleeping people.

Earmuffs, ear defenders, ear headphones

The next type of protection are earmuffs, ear headphones or ear defenders. These, like the ear plug can be filtered or unfiltered. Further, this type of protection can incorporate other applications such as AM/FM radios and, more importantly, two way radios.

This solution is often more effective and more comfortable than the earplug. Earplug wearers often complain of a ‘bunged up’ feeling whilst wearing plugs. Ear defenders or ear muffs circumvent this problem. However, typically the choice between ear plug or ear muffs comes down to the application.

Filtered or unfiltered?

The advantage of filtered ear and hearing protection is that it permits certain noise ranges to come through the earpiece. This is particularly useful for shooting ear defenders and hearing protection. These ear muffs need to protect the wearer from the crack of gunfire but can permit lower level, say, conversational sounds through the ear muff or defender.

We hope this website helps you in your search for your own perfect hearing protection. Certainly there is an ear protection system that will suit your own individual needs.

You know that hearing is a very special gift. A gift that, if lost, can be lost forever. Today there is no reason to gamble your precious gift by not getting appropriate protection. Don’t gamble. Protect your hearing now.

Check out our Ear Defenders and Hearing Protection Reviews below -

Peltor 97010 Ultimate-10 Hearing Protector
Anyone who has fired a gun will know and recognise the damage that can be done to your hearing from shooting. What better way to protect your hearing than using Peltor’s Ultimate 10 Hearing Protectors? These excellent shooting ear defenders are designed to offer excellent protection from even the largest hand gun in the world

Peltor 97011 Shotgunner Hearing Protector
Peltor has over 40 years experience of building hearing protection. All these years of experience has been invested into these slim and sleek shooting ear defenders

Peltor Combat Arms Tactical Hearing Protection Earplugs
Hearing, in the combat arena, can make all the difference. Not being able to hear low-level sounds such as conversation, footsteps, rifle bolts being drawn or approaching enemies can give you a serious disadvantage. Not wearing hearing protection isn’t a solution either, as having discharged your weapon your hearing is temporarily impaired

Peltor E-A-R Tactical Skull Screws Ear Plugs
All too often the soft insertable ear protection solution can be unhygienic. Wax from the ear can build up on the plug. This coupled to any debris gathered from rolling the insert in your fingers prior to insertion can cause considerable contamination of the plug. Thankfully the Peltor E-A-R Tactical Skull Screws avoids at least one of these problems with their easy grip clean and comfortable ‘no roll’ insertion.

Peltor H10A Professional Noise Cancelling Earmuff
Peltor's patented dual cup design minimizes resonance to achieve maximum hearing protection from high and low frequencies; muffling both the deep snorting of the backhoe and the high-pitched whine of the concrete saw. This design provides the highest noise reduction rating for earmuffs in its class

Peltor Powercom Plus II UHF Two-Way Radio Headset
With over 40 years experience in building ear defenders / ear muffs / ear headphones Peltor’s Powercom Plus II UHF Two-Way Radio Headset demonstrates Peltor’s full potential. This has to be the most efficient and effective way to communicate in high-noise environments

Radians Custom Molded Earplugs
The unique to you solution to ear protection. The Radians Custom Molded earplugs arrive in do-it-yourself packs with simple, easy to follow instructions. Their applications are almost endless

Radians Sound FX Ear Defenders
The ideal solution for ear muffs / ear headphones with built in AM/FM radio coupled to auxiliary jacks that allows you to plug in your MP3 or CD Player

Hearing Protector Def-Guard by Radians
This has to be the economical solution to hearing protection that aren’t ear plugs. They’re light at only weighing in at only 5 ounces. You should get a great fit from the multi-adjustable headband.

SureFire Sonic Defenders Hearing Protection Earpieces EP3-LPR
The ideal noise reduction solution when wearing more substantial ear protection equipment just isn’t an option. For example whilst wearing a mask, hat, or whilst using a telephone, headset or supplemental ear defenders.

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